Task Execution Report

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A-SMIL reports its task execution status

Designating a URL to the Task Execution Report Handler

In your SMIL script, you need to add a section to your head section to define where the media player should PUT the task execution report file. A typical definition looks like this.

    <x-server xmlns="http://schemas.adfotain.org/adapi-1.0">

Here "http://server/filename" is the path to the WebDAV-enabled direction on your log server.

Task Execution Report File Format

A log file uploaded to the server looks like this.

<report xmlns=""http://schemas.adfotain.org/adapi-1.0"">
  <player id=""f1835d9f-be8f-4054-9e6c-000bab253b46"">
      <task id="foo">