Firmware update

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A-SMIL players can have their firmware updated set using maintenance tasks.

The firmwareUpdate Task Schedule

To initiate device configuration, the player must be issued a SMIL script with a TaskSchedule subscription (see maintenance tasks) in the head section. The subscription contains a URL that points to a taskSchedule.xml file that looks like the following:

<taskSchedule xmlns="">
  <timedTaskList at="0" abortOnError="false">
    <firmwareUpdate id="123">
      <version applyIf="always|upgrade">1.0.3</version>

Here several lines need to have proper values filled.

  • firmwareUpdate id: the ID is used by the player to register if a particular task has already be applied. The player will not apply the task if its ID is the same as the one most recently applied. In other words, if you wish you re-apply a task, make sure you change its ID
  • sourceURI: a URL that points to a firmware package provided by your device vendor
  • contentLength: size of the firmware package in bytes
  • contentChecksum: MD5 checksum of the firmware package