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This sample implements a live currency exchange chart.The live currency data is obtained from internet resource using PHP programming. Fixed_Playlist,_Dynamic_Content– SMIL skill used here to update the live currency data to the SMIL player.

Obtain live currency data from web

There are plenty currency resource available over internet, this sample grab currency data from CNBC. Open source dom parser used here to parse the currency data from the web page:

//snapshot from the php code
include_once('simple_html_dom.php'); // include dom parser
$html = file_get_html(''); // assign source
$currency[$x]=$html->find('div[align=right]',$x)->plaintext; // find the currency element

Fixed playlist , dymamic content

The live currency data will be saved as PNG image, player will update the image every 60 seconds.

    <par repeatCount="indefinite">
        <seq dur="60s" /> <!-- refresh interval -->
          <prefetch src="currency1.png" />
          <prefetch src="currency2.png" />
          <prefetch src="currency3.png" />
          <prefetch src="currency4.png" />
          <prefetch src="currency5.png" />
          <prefetch src="currency6.png" />
          <prefetch src="currency7.png" />
          <prefetch src="currency8.png" />		  
          <prefetch src="currency9.png" />	

Applicable Device

Full-HD Open API Player from IAdea Corporation.

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