License Enforcement via USB Update

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Updates via the USB stick can be a low cost option for networks where content is updated infrequently. However, the lack of content licensing control and therefore the inability to collect license fees in sneaker-net applications makes the model uninteresting to the content service providers. SMIL with its {$player-id} XPath macro offers a solutions for the problem.

Master SMIL Control File

In the SMIL folder of the USB stick, a file named index.smil is the first file run after an USB update. The file can be used to load player ID-dependent SMILs and therefore restrict access only to those with permission. A master SMIL file would look like the following:


        <meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="0;url={$player-id}/index.smil"

Upon loading, this file would immediately redirect the SMIL player to look for a folder named by the ID of the targeted player and play the index.smil file in that folder.