Sync Playback

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You can have multiple SMIL players to synchronize its playback with a source player via network. This is suitable for multiple players in same network ( same subnet preferred ) to play same media across different players. Please note this is not suitable for typical video wall solution.

The idea is to assign a source player in the network, and have multiple players to sync playback with the source player.

    <seq id="bar" repeatCount="indefinite" sync="//">
    // is the source player IP address, so use static IP address is advised for source player
    // Player can detect source address looping back to itself or not, so all players in same network can share same SMIL 
       <video id="foo" src="" /> //specify id for each node to sync

Applicable device :
IAdea XMP-3250 series player ( firmware 3.3.27 or higher ) and XDS-1950/2450 signboard
IAdea XMP-2200 series player ( firmware 4.7 or higher ) and XDS-1060 series signboard