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You can put a display into power-saving, screen-saving stand-by mode by scheduling it to play a special A-SMIL media item adapi:blankScreen as the source of a <ref> item.

For example, to play a playlist from 9AM to 5PM everyday but have the display put in stand-by in other hours, you can use the following SMIL script.

    <excl repeatCount="indefinite">
        <seq id="foo" begin="wallclock(R/2011-01-01T09:00:00/P1D)" end="wallclock(R/2011-01-01T17:00:00/P1D)">
          <!-- Playlist here -->
	<ref begin="0;foo.endEvent" src="adapi:blankScreen" dur="indefinite"/> 


  • RS232: send custom serial command through RS232 port