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The SMIL script does not support reporting. A-SMIL adds an extension that provides reporting capability to media players.

A-SMIL Reporting Mechanism

An A-SMIL media player utilizes the HTTP PUT method to upload play logs to an HTTP server that supports the PUT method.

Storing Reports on WebDAV Servers

WebDAV-compliant HTTP servers such as Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) and Apache HTTP Server 2.0 support the PUT method on directories where WebDAV protocol is enabled.

Consult the following external links on setting up WebDAV on popular web servers.

Reporting Functions

A-SMIL players provide the following reporting functions.


The common practice is to refresh SMIL using the HTTP-EQUIV Reload command (see Checking for Updates). At fixed intervals, the player polls the server for changes in the playlist using the HTTP HEAD command.

Users should report a player heartbeat when the server receives the HTTP HEAD command.