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The SMIL parallel playlist is a list of media objects that start playback simultaneously.

Illustration of using the parallel playlist for multi-zone effects are located in the section on Layout.

Children of the parallel playlist can be specified to start at a specific "wallclock" time defined by the player's real-time clock. See section on Wallclock for details.

Slide Show with Background Music


  <seq repeatCount="indefinite">
    <img src="pic1.jpg" dur="5s" />
    <img src="pic2.jpg" dur="5s" />
    <img src="pic3.jpg" dur="5s" />

  <audio src="music.mp3" repeatCount="indefinite" />


The parallel schedule has two children: a sequential playlist containing 3 still images, and a single audio media object. The sequential playlist and the audio object start simultaneously, achieving the effect of a slide show of 3 photos while music plays in the background.


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