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Loading via USB storage typically involves

  • Formatting a USB storage as FAT32 file format
  • Preparing a folder named "SMIL" (all-caps) in the root directory of the storage. Place in it the index.smil initial SMIL file and all media files it needs (you may place them in sub-folders)

When you insert the USB drive to an A-SMIL player, all files (including nested directories) are copied into the player.

Local Paths

All files in the SMIL directory are copied to a local path on the player referenced by


It is recommended that reference to media files are in relative URLs to the SMIL directory (without the file:///usb-data/SMIL/ part). This way the SMIL file may be re-used in online mode (HTTP networking) without modification.

Off-line Logs

You can specify to have play logs collected at the next USB insertion by specifying this in your SMIL file:

    <x-server xmlns="http://schemas.adfotain.org/adapi-1.0">

Note that file:///usb-data/log_storage_path (where log_storage_path is of your choice) is specified in the <action> entry.

When an USB storage is inserted some time after the SMIL has been played, the play logs will be copied to the log_storage_path folder on the USB drive.

All log entries are transfered from player to USB storage before the transfer of SMIL from USB to player happens.

For more information on the play log file format, see page on Play logs.