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The following questions should help you find what you need on this website:

1. Do you need help in making a SMIL playlist?

2. Are you playing back fixed content that doesn't change often?

  • You can load content into player via a USB stick.

3. Are you updating the player via an on-site computer connected via a local area network (LAN)?

  • Free sample code is provided in Microsoft C# to control the player via SOAP transport.

If you want to run your digital signage network across firewalls, you need to have your SMIL placed on a remote server and pulled by the player using Pull mode. Read on.

4. Are you trying to connect the SMIL player to your existing software?

  • You may be able to translate your current playlist format into SMIL on-the-fly to feed a SMIL player. An example is provided to translate from existing MediaRSS feeds into SMIL.

5. Do you need to uniquely identify your player for licensing/authorization check?

  • Read about how you can receive a player's ID as well as its model type (hence capability) upon connection.

6. Do you need to receive playback logs from the player?

7. Do you wish to optimize player's download behavior to transfer files while foreground content is being played?

8. What's next? Try to do more SMIL and move up in Compliance levels.