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A-SMIL players use the HTTP "User-Agent" header to report its ID to server. Each player reports two pieces of information in this process: a 128-bit UUID (in 8-4-4-4-12 hex string format) and a player name (configurable by the user).

The player formats its User-Agent string in the following format:

User-Agent: ADAPI/AdfotainAPIVersion (UUID:playerId; NAME:UrlEncode(UTF8(playerName))) firmwareFamily/firmwareVersion

For example, for a player with player ID "f1835d9f-be8f-4054-9e6c-123456789012" and player name "12:34:56:78:90:12", the User-Agent header may look like:

User-Agent = 'ADAPI/1.0 (UUID:f1835d9f-be8f-4054-9e6c-123456789012; NAME:12%3A34%3A56%3A78%3A90%3A12) SMP863X-ADAPI/1.3.2'